1. Preparation of drawings
  2. Marking
  3. Excavation
  4. Plain cement concrete floor slab with 40mm metal (1:4:8)
  5. Fixing of Pool drain box and necessary plumbing
  6. Steel reinforcement
  7. Mat concrete with 20mm metal & super plasticizer (1: 1.5 :3)
  8. Wall shuttering
  9. Wall concrete with 20mm metal & super plasticizer (1: 1.5 :3)
  10. Supply of skimmer or providing Balancing tank drawing
  11. Swimming pool leak checking
  12. Curing and leak test
  13. Pressure grouting from outside wall if you saw any leakage
  14. Application of polymer modified cementitious watertight coating
  15. Plastering with super plasticizer
  16. Providing  Pump room drawing
  17. Pump room construct
  18. Connecting plumbing between plant room and pool
  19. Back filling around pool in 1feet layers and perfect consolidation
  20. Pump room electrical supply
  21. Waste water drainage arrangement from pump room
  22. Fixing of ladders
  23. Fixing of hand rails
  24. Coping stone laying on the top of pool wall
  25. Pool Tile laying with TILES ADHESIVES and SKILLED LABORS
  26. Inlet , Drain cover, vacuum fittings & Under water light fixing
  27. Installation of filter with filter sand , Pump, Starter.
  28. Swimming pool cleaning and water filling
  29. Trial run
  30. 3 days pool Maintenance training

Note :- # We can assist in YELLOW marked work.
............# Client can work for BLUE marked works without our consultancy.
.............# PINK marked works must complete with our company staffs.